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Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada (Gateway) provides licensing information, a diagnostic tool and learning modules, and a centralized document repository for international pharmacy graduates (IPGs).

The Gateway helps to explain the licensure process to international pharmacy graduates who want to be licensed to practise pharmacy in Canada. It will guide international pharmacy graduates through each of the steps in the process and help them to identify what requirements they can complete before they arrive in Canada.

Before the Gateway was created, international pharmacy graduates were required to submit the same documents to many different organizations. These documents included identity information, copies of pharmacy degrees, university transcripts, language proficiency test results, reference letters and several other documents. In Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada, all documents submitted to the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) or to the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), are stored in a central database. This information is secure and protected. It can only be viewed by the candidate, PEBC, the pharmacy regulatory authority (once the candidate applies to them), and NAPRA administrators for the purpose of processing the application for licensure.

It should be noted that candidates who started the process with the PEBC prior to August 20, 2014 may not be required to enrol in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada.

Information Sheet for Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada

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