Application to the PRA

Candidates must apply directly to the pharmacy regulatory authority (PRA) in the province in which they want to be licensed in addition to applying to the PRA through Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada. While PRAs have many similar requirements, each jurisdiction may have variations or unique conditions for licensure.  Candidates are asked to review the application’s requirement of the jurisdiction where they wish to be licensed to confirm the eligibility to apply.

Candidates are eligible to change their designated PRA up until they apply to the PRA through Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada. Once an application is completed, it cannot be changed. Candidates can add another PRA to their profiles if they already applied to the designated PRA.

The application process to a PRA has two major components:

  1. Application through the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada profile: this step will give permission to the PRA to view the candidate’s profile, documents and examination results.
  2. Application directly with the PRA: most PRAs also require candidates to submit an application form and fee with additional required documentation not already available in the candidate’s Gateway profile. For applications to the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), OCP will contact the candidate once the step 1 has been processed. 

Candidates who are already licensed in one Canadian province and wish to be licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction must apply directly with the PRA as a Canadian pharmacist. Candidates going through this process may wish to familiarize themselves with the Mobility Agreement for Canadian Pharmacists available on the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities’ (NAPRA) website.

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